Operating Excellence - Walking the Walk

In addition to our environmentally responsible facility designs, Shamrock Environmental is also proud of our flawless operating record of never having received a violation at any of our facilities in our entire operating history.




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Shamrock specializes in the environmentally responsible and economical disposal of Industrial Waste and Construction & Demolition of Debris, serving northern Minnesota and western Wisconsin.


Shamrock Environmental Landfill is a MN industry leader in solid waste disposal. Our commitment to customers, the community, and operational excellence have and will be the guiding principles that shape Shamrock's vision, goals, and results.

Shamrock specializes in the environmentally responsible disposal of industrial waste and construction & demolition debris. Our facility in Cloquet has been designed to maximize environmental protection by meeting and exceeding requirements. Due to our stringent and continual focus on environmental protection and operational excellence, we have never received a violation at any of our facilities in our entire history. With this company philosophy, Shamrock is able to provide unmatched environmental safeguards to protect the public and our customers' interests.



Rick O’Gara - President

Rick O'Gara President of Shamrock Landfill

Rick O'Gara has been instrumental in achieving the company's success, growth, and diversification. Under his leadership, Shamrock Landfill has become one of Minnesota's most progressive C&D and industrial waste management firms.

Rick is a civil engineer by training and formerly a regional vice president for landfill market development for one of the nation's largest waste management companies. He has served on the Executive Boards of the Construction Materials Recycling Association and National Demolition Association and has provided national leadership for the Composting Council.



John Domke – Vice President

John Domke Vice President of Shamrock Landfill


John Domke is in charge of Shamrock’s C&D, Industrial, and Special waste management services. His operational oversight has resulted in the company's record of never receiving a notice of violation for its operations.

In recognition of his experience, John was asked to help develop the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency's (MPCA) certification course for C&D landfill operators and was an instructor. John has also participated on several advisory committees for the MPCA and Office of Environmental Assistance.